Mo March


Mo March - why to grow your beard?

Movember is long gone and even though mustache is not the most popular decoration of men's upper lip, it certainly brings few benefits. Let's take a look at the health benefits of growing a beard:

No more shaving - convenient, prevents dry skin and acne

Free sun protection - beard blocks the UV rays as sunscreen factored 20

Bug bites protection - obviously, the bugs won't come after your chin when it is full of thick bush

Stops aging of your skin  - combine UV protection with less shaving and you have a recipe for long-lasting baby skin on your face

Prevents allergies - Allergens are stopped by your beard thus not entering your lungs, there is a catch, though - wash your mustache every day or you will reap the fruits of your dirty beard and actually exposing yourself to more allergens

Warms you in the winter - walking out in -20 degrees blizzard after a fresh shave is a hell of an experience, consider the benefit of a thick protective bush on your face next time the winter hits hard

Plus as my friend Kevin says:

"It helps to differentiate the men from the boys...and little girls: -D"

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