Taking the stairs in a skyscraper...

If you are not a superman you have to rely on your own powers, or in the optimal case...you can rely on the lift aka elevator.
I was doing so for last few moths and have to say the elevators here are really really fast and convenient.
Todays evening was different. When I came back home from a tremendously loooooong day at work. Something was very suspicious already when I entered the lobby of our lovely building nr. 4. There were too many people waiting...never saw such a crowd in my building. Honestly I never saw even my neighbors and I am living here for almost 3 months. So here among those 50 people waiting they might be. My surprise was pretty quickly turned into anger when I realized WHY all the people are waiting in the lobby. The elevators are without juice - power cut.

I was tempted to wait...but that lasted only for 20 seconds. Rather than listen to the Chinese chatter I looked at the situation from a different perspective - the POSITIVE one. Taking the stairs was always my option when back in Czech the elevator was too crowded or simply occupied. EEEEE....but in Czech we usually have 6 to 9 floors, right? And I never lived in the last one.

1st floor - Full of enthusiasm and energy.
2nd floor - These stairs are extremely steep man.
6th floor -  My bag is getting really heavy.
7th floor -  Breath is shortening and I start to feel the heat.
10th floor - Bag is getting down from my back in to my arms.
12th floor - Have to unzip my jacket to release the heat.
16th floor - 8 to go...does not seem that bad after all.
17th floor - Sweat is running down my back.
18th floor - Wow, I have muscles I never heard about till now...
20th floor - ...and they are really letting me know about their presence.
21st floor - 3 to go, you can make it man.
24th floor - I am hot and sweating, my heart is pounding and muscles are perfused with blood.

.....But what a mediocre issue it is when you know there is a notoriously famous guy in a red cape waiting for you tucked in the door.

In the end it was a pretty nice exercise, but honestly I would rather leave that kind of hot and sweating exercise in to the bed:-)

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